Cardi B – Booty

Cardi B
Written by ozochima

Cardi B – Booty Music and Lyrics

Bardi! (Bardi Bardi)

Booty so stupid it’s a motherfucking retard
I’m from the Bronx, but my booty from the DR
Booty so big I don’t need to have titties (Titties)
Booty prolly get a job at Magic City (Magic City)
Booty so poppin’ have your girl doin’ research
I’m the white stain on the bottom of his t-shirt
Booty so big have you calling outta work, nigga
Drop it down, fuck around, I might hurt niggas
Booty so big that it swallow up panties
Same with these hoes, swallow up the Xanny
I’m Cardi B, I go Rah with my Jammies
Booty on the track, fuck around and win a Grammy
They call me Cardi, code red, lightskinned, bone legged
Tell him throw more bread, I put it on his forehead
I remember when I used to pay bills with it
Now I just [?]
Booty so big have to question a nigga dick game
Booty so big that it got its own nickname
Booty so big that it got its own ZIP code
Booty so big [?]

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