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Accessories are a woman’s best friend and when it comes to an essential accessory – Bags, are the only thing we could think of. They are truly a woman’s savior and a survival kit. It is impossible to leave the house without carrying a bag with you – be it a wallet, shoulder bag, cross-body bags, or tote bags. Your bag is your go-to accessory to keep items in it when you are running late – you can keep your necessary items in it and be ready within minutes to go to somewhere important. Bags are used to keep makeup pouches, wallets, cardholders, journals and charges etc, and all the important things that you could think of without which you cannot leave the house.

Beginning with the types of bags, tote bags, clutches, shoulder bags, wallets, cotton bags, hobo, handbags, baguette, cross body, beach bags, cinch bags, satchel, duffel, laptop bags, bucket bags, duffel and bowler etc – all these are the top bags that play an essential role in the accessory world of women and men as well. From student life to work life and being a family person, you always need bags for things to put in, right? So, it won’t be wrong to say that bags are as important as clothes are.


The top bag brands focus on creating bags that have enough space and have the finest quality including unique designs that are loved by customers all over the world. Chanel, Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors and Balenciaga – these top international brands have been known for creating bags with a quality and style that is unique and rich in its taste. The brands definitely target the rich class but their sense of fashion in bags is immutable.

When it comes to asian brands and specifically Pakistani brands, the quality of bags is always the top focused point and so is their style. LAAM is an online platform of Pakistan that is providing you freedom of selecting bags from the top brands, focusing on unique designs, quality, colors and variety of styles to choose from. Affordability is always kept in mind while they made the collection of bags to choose from. Starting from 1k only – the collection of bags will definitely make you purchase them asap. Brands now make the bags matching your outfit which is named potli and it emphasizes on your outfit as a whole. The complete matching potli like your outfit is a need of bridal dresses but formals are now also coming with matching potlis. From hussain rehar, ali xeeshan to Mohsin naveed ranjha including faiza saqlain –  these famous pakistani designers have set a trend of potli bags with their outfits which is now followed by the clients all over the world shopping from other brands as well.

When you are in student life – bags are definitely important to keep your student life necessities in it. Office bags are a must-have for men and women. From leather laptop bags to covers including tote bags for men and women are always a must-have. Instead of carrying your laptop around and things in your hands – bags are the safest option.


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