[Full Album] Rx Papi – Pap Vs. The World

[Full Album] Rx Papi – Pap Vs. The World
[Full Album] Rx Papi – Pap Vs. The World

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Here comes a piece of new trending music by Rx Papi titled Pap Vs. The World

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Rx Papi’s music brings you into the world of dope dealers and drug addiction, where a bright smile camouflages the reality of surviving amongst the bloodshed. He depicts landscapes where mere survival tests the strength of one’s love, pride, integrity, and humanity. Despite his relative youth, the Rochester rapper had already witnessed incalculable pain and consequences. You don’t need the biography; you can hear it in the music.


For Rx Papi, a regular day in his blue-collar former industrial boomtown consisted of copping some weed and filling his pockets with dead presidents. “Go and hit a lick, go do what we do, shit by the end of the night niggas got a couple of hundred dollars, a new outfit, and new sneakers on,” he tells me.

Before rapping, Pap found further opportunities through drugs, the scraping of the pot, and the stench of burnt rubber permeating the kitchen walls. His songs read like chapters of an autobiography, or a live feed of his thought patterns. He often raps about his paranoia and anxiety, the happenings in his upbringing that impacted him, and what typically leads to 5.56 shells hitting the ground. The anxious mindset is omnipresent, but his sense of humor and charisma give him a three-dimensionality. Deadpanned and numbly delivered lines like, “Bitch I look better than King Tut” and “I’m riding for my dog like Michael Vick” add a balance to the gun-waving and threats to the opposition.

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