How to Make Breast Enlarger

How to Make Breast Enlarger
How to Make Breast Enlarger

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First Ingredients

  • White rice
  • Wheat powder
  • Plantain powder
  • Groundnut
  • Tigernut
  • Milk
  • Honey


Dry your plantain, if it’s dried grind it to powder form, mix it with wheat and rice powder…..blend your tiger nut and rice. Sieve and extract their juice and add ur powder combo and remaining ingredients into it, keep stirring till it’s cool, store in the refrigerator. Take it twice a day morning and evening. Best result within a month.

Second Ingredients

  • Millet
  • Wheat
  • White rice
  • Corn ( yellow)


Wash and dry them if dey is dried, fry them off and take them for grinding, but it should be grounded in a powder form. Take 2tbspn and mix it with nunu milk or yogurt, take it each day.

These are normal foods we eat. They trigger the development of breasts naturally as they contain Estrogen triggering nutrients. If you have a little daughter that has a slow puberty growth, ensure you increase your intake of this food.

Soybeans and soya milk can also be added to these for those who love soya.

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