[Lyrics] Brymo –Time feat. Deborah Prest

Brymo – Libel Full EP

Brymo –Time feat. Deborah Prest Mp3 Lyrics

Sitting in the dark all alone trying to escape been alone
I’ll try to know? if the world was so cold or I was wasting time
It’s been from the other side of my reality
But the voice was faded and far I can barely hear i was wasting time
But the light reveal my scares
Healing me with his warmth
Was I wasting time?

Standing in the light all alone never good escape with I know
I have always try so I know that the world is cold
I was wasting time
It hurt to admit I must say
Through this was a dream, not a?
The shivering the Pain oh it’s real
Wasting time
And the darkness hid my scars
Healing me with his voice
Have been wasting time

But the bright light reveals my scars
Healing me with his warmth
Wasting time
I’ll show no more ooo ooo

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Watching the moonlights go by
I did it to myself I can’t deny
I was wasting time
The days the night the hours just went by
I was too scared to try
Lies it on myself why my tears they wouldn’t dry
Wasting time
Oh ooo ooo
Oh ooo ooo
Wasting time
My bright lights reveal my scars
Healing me with his warmth
I was so long gone

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