Oloriegbe Givess Out Endowment Funds For The Best Science Students in AISS

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Oloriegbe Givess Out Endowment Funds For The Best Science Students in AISS

It was a prominent scene and a homecoming at the Ansarul Islam Secondary School, Ilorin, when the Old Students Association, met to stamp the 50th remembrance of the school since its beginning in 1971. The remembrance at the instance of the Alumni Association and Ansarul Islam Secondary School denotes the splendid festival marks its introduction as a neighborhood and was lauded in astounding style.

Talking at the banner off of the help, the Chairman Central Working Committee, Hajia Nimota Ibrahim said since the establishment of the school by Sheik Kamalideen Al Adaby the school has been adding history regards to the entire Ilorin Emirate. She added that various activities were intended to adulate the accomplishment anyway was dropped to agree to the security show of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In his remarks, the head of the Alumni, Dr. Abdullahi Olookoba, complimented the undertakings of the state government since the establishment of the school adding they should continue helping the school with pushing ahead. He said the graduated class is expected to coordinate the issues of the school by procuring headway terms of staffing, real development among others.

As shown by him, as an element of our undertakings, we use the graduated class to amass ourselves in other to improve the standard of the school as far as the staff, genuine plan, and various things. We use the graduated class to contact the public authority since when an affiliation associated with the public expert in light of a legitimate concern for a school, the public power checks out that affiliation. We use the graduated class to interface with the enticing people who are the aftereffect of this school.

The public authority has been giving a bold exertion to the school similar to the system. Regardless, we need them to continue with this effort. He said. Conversing with the newsmen, the representative tending to Kwara Central Senatorial District, Sen. Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe, who is a graduated class of the school, committed to continuing supporting the school adding that a few endeavors are set up as of now.


I have been contributing and I will continue doing that. I have been a person from the Alumni Association already and I do add to various Alumni projects even before I transformed into a representative. However, when I was picked, the graduated class association came and uncovered to me that water is an issue in the school.

I have had the choice to exhaust a borehole with the objective that the school can have water. Despite that, we have recorded some endeavors that will be executed. The redesign of homerooms similar as set up the science and lab building. Delegate Oloriegbe taught the people concerning the Alumni to reliably restore together to accommodate the school that made them. The exemplification of the graduated class is to restore together to accommodate the association that has made you what you are. Whatever I am at present today, it was a direct result of the guidance, capacity, ethics that were granted to me in this school.

In light of everything, it benefits me and any remaining individuals from the graduated class to reliably come to make this recognize a spot to be satisfied with; to reliably contribute back to the school. He remarked. The agent at any rate promised to contribute the measure of One Million Naira to the best science understudy for a period of 10 years. Oloriegbe zeroed in on that the measure of Twenty Five Thousand Naira will be won by the best understudies in Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Chemistry.

He added the resource will be a convincing variable for the understudies to perform wonderfully and draw out the best in them. In like manner talking, the pioneer Head Boy and Head youngster of the school conveyed confidence that The element of the event was the congregational request for the originator of the school by the National Missioner of Ansarul Islam Society of Nigeria, Sheik Abdulmumeen Ayara. He further encouraged the alumni to work aggregately in propelling the custom of the originator and to acclimatize incredible inspiration adding that the creator was a duplicate of goodness.

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