The Borno State Governor Zulum Begins The 2nd Phase of N1bn support for The SMEs in Biu Local Govt

The Borno State Governor Zulum Begins The 2nd Phase of N1bn support for The SMEs in Biu Local Govt

Borno State Governor, Babagana Umara Zulum on Friday in Biu, hailed off the second time of monetary assistance for little and medium endeavors in three close-by government zones. A total of N1b naira was put aside for apportioning to around 5,000 finance managers from six neighborhood lawmaking bodies of Biu, Gowza, Ngala, Monguno, Mobbar, and Maiduguri Metropolitan Council.

Borno State Government as a group with the Bank of industry, comparably raised N1b for administering to money managers in the sort of income free advances. Each social affair brought N500m. Besides dispatching the monetary assistance in Biu, Zulum scattered in excess of 80 business vehicles and tricycles (Keke Napep) to different beneficiaries advancing piece of social protection and occupation maintain.

While saying something, Zulum charged the beneficiaries to use the reinforcing group scattered. The Governor in like manner said, any of the beneficiaries that repay half of the total whole he got in three years, the public authority will wave the overabundance half.

Before showing up at Biu, Zulum in December 2020, apportioned N154m to various money managers inside Maiduguri. Preceding them, in January 2020, N515m was apportioned ‘in genuine cash for work’ program in which 2,862 people from “Ecomog”, a prohibited political thuggery gathering, were paid N30,000 consistently for a part of the year. The youngsters got portions for cleaning the streets. Preceding December 2019, N384m was circled to draw in street needy individuals intending to blacklist street inquiring.

In another new development, Governor Babagana Umara Zulum has extended his limit on political thuggery to Biu. Zulum has since 2019 stopped political thuggery where it was a huge danger. Going serious on Biu, the lead delegate guided security associations to catch anyone swaggering his or herself as a political lawbreaker to undermine occupants.


The Commissioner of Police, the Director SSS, and all the security establishments are accordingly organized to catch anyone that swaggered himself as ECOMOG from 6:00 am tomorrow. He moreover said any official who is supporting such convicts will be overseen in like way. Zulum said.

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