The Olaiya Flyover Will Put A Stop To Steady Accident – Says Mr. Oyetola

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The Olaiya Flyover Will Put A Stop To Steady Accident – Says Mr. Oyetola

The Governor of the State of Osun, Mr. Adegboyega Oyetola has said the Olaiya flyover isn’t just a remarkable endeavor planned for conspicuous purposes, anyway one of the public power’s measures to ensure the prosperity of inhabitants’ lives. Oyetola uncovered this during his appraisal visit through the redirection centers during the presentation finish of the Ogo-Oluwa-Olaiya-MDS way on Friday. Survey that the public power had on Wednesday pronounced the presentation end someplace in the scope of 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm on Friday, January 29 as a part of the shows for the commencement of the turn of events.

This followed the public authority’s earlier presentation of its intention to assemble a flyover across the Fakunle-Olaiya, Odi Olowo-Olaiya, Akindeko-Olaiya, and MDS-Olaiya combinations as an element of measures to address traffic and security issues in the center point. As demonstrated by Oyetola; The Olaiya flyover is proposed to manage the traffic bottleneck around that combination. There have been a couple of accidents around there all through the long haul, some of them deadly. Along these lines, to hinder the repeat of the setback, we are proposing this trade at the Olaiya crossing point.

Some part of our own obligation is to ensure the security of lives in this manner we figured it critical to ensure that the people who are coming from Abere for instance can experience the flyover without in a general sense blocking the advancement of those using Alekuwodo and Odi-Olowo way. It will take a lot of traffic off the ordinary course and assurance that everybody can investigate without causing setbacks. Subsequently, besides being striking, it is furthermore an instrument to ensure that there is security and setbacks are diminished to the barest least. It is critical that we moderate the opportunity of incidents happening at that intersection point and that is the inspiration driving this flyover.

The errand will take around nine to ten months, yet it might be done sooner than that. The length is around 500 meters. Why we are doing this is because regardless of the way that the endeavor is finally to the people’s benefit, we need to evaluate the impact and see where changes are required.

Before now, we directed extensively to ensure that our kinfolk wrestles with and appreciate what we are endeavoring to do. For the retail outlet, we have set out an opportunity for customers to get to the spot through a particular crossing point. Consequently, whenever, the associations in the retail plaza are running. For the people selling on the path, they will regardless sell at any rate considering the way that the advancement workers will vilify them while work is consistent. Along these lines, they are not the people we are endeavoring to liberated from the site; we are talking about drivers.


This isn’t the primary event when we will be interfacing with associations around that center. There have been plans of social affairs with banks and various associations. I think people are ready for this, the joint effort level is high and we will separate enhancements along the line on the occasion that there are things to change as per an assurance that there are no unnecessary challenges. In any case, we truly appeal to our family, and I acknowledge they grasp what the public authority is doing. Close to the day’s end, it will be of more imperative benefit to the people, Oyetola communicated.

Talking earlier, the Commissioner for Works and Transport, Engr. Omowaiye Oluremi said the show ended was the public power’s careful strategy for party data to improve the traffic redirection model during the conceivable end. He said; It’s no longer news that Governor Adegboyega Oyetola’s association is proposing to build up a flyover at the Olaiya crossing point and the endeavor will be hailed off in around fourteen days and considering the way that we have redirection plans as a part of the preparation for this, we are going to close for the hour of improvement which will be between nine to ten months.

We understand this is a huge road. Thusly, if we will close down the entire Olaiya, we need to do a demo to realize what the total end will take after. We have made a ton of elective courses which we moreover need to perceive how they will work out. Thusly, we decided to pick today, 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, which is one of the zenith times. Accordingly, we need to use this medium to collect our data and see likely prerequisites for the improvement of our traffic redirection models, Omowaiye communicated.

Similarly, the Special Adviser to the Governor on Works and Transport, Engr Olatoke Bisi Olaniyan, applauded the chance of the flyover, adding that the diverse road crashes recorded at the intersection point have been a wellspring of stress for Governor Adegboyega Oyetola. He said the flyover, when completed, will ensure a smoother traffic stream and besides add feel to that Olaiya zone of the State capital.

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