Cheap and Easy Home Made Disinfectant

Cheap and Easy Home Made Disinfectant
Cheap and Easy Home-Made Disinfectant

Home Made Disinfectant

In this post, you will learn cheap and easy homemade disinfectant

Chemical and Formula

  1. Pine Oil – 1/2 litre.
  2. – 1/4 litre
  3. Texapol – 1/4 litre
  4. Chrosanol – 1/4 litre.
  5. P.A. – 2 litres
  6. Dettol Colour – To your satisfaction
  7. – 2 litres.


STEP. 1. Get your mixer ready, Pour your Pine oil into the mixer.

STEP. 2. Mix Phenol and Texapol together properly.

STEP. 3. Then pour the mixed phenol and Texapol into the mixer and stir very well.

STEP. 4. Add the Chrosanol into it and stir.

STEP. 5. Add the I. P. A and stir.

STEP. 6. Add the Dettol colour and stir.

STEP. 7. Finally pour water and mix everything together and make sure you stir this solution homogeneously.

After some minutes it is ready to fill into your container.

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