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How to Make Exfoliating Soap

How to Make Exfoliating Soap
How to Make Exfoliating Soap



  • Salt 250 grams
  • Texapon 1 kg
  • 10 lit of water
  • Nupala 1/4 kg
  • Allanton 3 tbl spoon
  • Glycerin 1/4kg Coconut oil 50 ml
  • Citric acid 25 gram
  • Methylparaben 25g
  • Fragrance
  • Kojic acid powder 50 gram


  1. Put 4litres of water in ur production drum keep aside
  2. soak ur salt with 1 lit of water for 1 hour for it to dissolve
  3. add taxation inside the saltwater and stir very well until it becomes light
  4. add nupala directly into production and stir for 45mins
  5. add Allenton and stir for 25 mins
  6. add glycerin keep stirring
  7. add coconut oil stir well
  8. dissolve citric acid with 1/2 liter water then add into the production
  9. add germal plus, Kojic acid powder stir
  10. add color and stir
  11. add fragrance stir
  12. add the 4liter of water u kept aside it depends on how thick u want it, when adding the remaining water,
  13. add it to ur taste. Depending on how thick u want it to be



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