How to Make Moroccan Whitening Lotion

How to Make Moroccan Whitening Lotion

Moroccan Whitening Lotion?

Moroccan Whitening Lotion is a type of skincare product that is designed to lighten skin tone. It usually contains a blend of natural ingredients such as argan oil, kojic acid, vitamin C, and glutathione, which are known to have skin-lightening properties.

The lotion is typically applied to the skin after cleansing and toning, and it is massaged until fully absorbed. Some Moroccan Whitening Lotions also contain moisturizing ingredients to keep the skin hydrated and supple.

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Moroccan Lotion delivers manageability, shine, and smoothness for frizzy hair. The formula is lightweight but nourishing and includes argan oil, magic derma, Vitamin E, and essential fatty acids to leave hair touchably soft. Smooths frizz and flyaways and provides medium hold—without weighing hair down

How to Make Moroccan Whitening Lotion
How to Make Moroccan Whitening Lotion

In this post, I will show you how to make a 500ml Moroccan whitening lotion


  • 1 Moroccan whitening oil
  • 1 portion magique oil
  • 1 Moroccan argan oil
  • 1 express white oil
  • 1 magic derma
  • 1 Filipino powder and solution


Mix the Filipino powder and solution thoroughly (until it’s creamy) before adding to your lotion. That’s your Moroccan whitening lotion!

While Moroccan Whitening Lotion can help to lighten the skin tone, it is important to use it as directed by the manufacturer and not exceed the recommended usage. It is also important to note that skin-lightening products may not be suitable for all skin types and may cause adverse reactions in some people. It is recommended to patch test the product on a small area of skin before using it all over the body and to discontinue use if any irritation or adverse reaction occurs.

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