How to Make Underarm Scrub

What is Underarm Scrub?

Underarm scrub is a product used to exfoliate the skin in the underarm area, removing dead skin cells and other impurities. It is designed to smooth the skin, help reduce discoloration, and prevent ingrown hairs.

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Underarm scrub can come in the form of a paste, gel, or cream, and is often made with natural ingredients such as sugar, coconut oil, and essential oils. It is typically used once or twice a week during a shower or bath to promote healthy and radiant-looking underarms.

How to Make Underarm Scrub
How to Make Underarm Scrub


  • -1cup brown sugar
  • -powdered milk 2tbs
  • -Baking soda 1tbs
  • -honey 2tbs
  • -lemon/lime juice 4 tbsp
  • -olive or coconut oil 10ml


Mix all the recipes in a container you can store in a fridge for long-term use, it clears dark underarms.

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