How to Prepare Oha Soup with Fufu

How to Prepare Oha Soup with Fufu

Oha Soup with Fufu

Oha soup with fufu is an Eastern meal from Nigeria it’s very scrumptious and highly spiced it’s primarily served with Fufu or Eba. So today I will show you how to prepare it and the ingredients needed.

How to Prepare Oha Soup with Fufu
How to Prepare Oha Soup with Fufu


-A handful of Oha leaves
-6 Oziza leaves
-2 ½ cooking spoons of Palm oil or palm kernel nuts
-10 portions of Cocoyam
-½ ounces Crayfish
-eight Snails 1-ounce Stockfish
-Ibo land Ogiri (locust beans)
-250g Assorted meat
-Cowskin (pomo)
-1-ounce Periwinkle
-6 Yellow peppers

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Step 1
Boil the palm nut and cocoyam. Allow softening for 25 mins.

Step 2
Extract the palm nut oil earlier than adding it to a thick pan. Allow heating for two minutes with a few slices of onion.

Step 3
Peel the returned cocoyam with your hands. Quickly add in the palm oil to melt, then a small quantity of water and pounded yellow pepper.

Step 4
Add the crayfish, stockfish, snail, ogiri (locust beans), cow skin (Pomo), periwinkle, and seasoning. Allow cooking dinner for 15 mins.

Step 5
Stir and then allow the cocoyam to melt inside the soup. Cocoyam serves as a thickener within the soup however if too thick, add a little water.

Step 6
Add the Oha leaves. Do no longer chop/slice with a knife however use your hands to tear it into the soup.

Step 7
Add the Oziza leaf (you may chop/slice the Oziza with a knife). Leave all to cook for 5mins then stir. Taste the seasoning (adjust according to taste).

Step 8
Serve oha soup with Fufu or Eba.

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