blood group A-, B-, O-

Are you a lady with blood group A-, B-, O-: Read this very important

Are you a Lady, and you have a blood group with a negative sign beside it, that is, if your blood group is either A-, B-, AB-, or O-? A lady with this blood group can be having repeated miscarriages, and she would not even know what is responsible for it. She might continue to blame different spiritual causes for it.

If you are A-, B-, AB-, or O-, your blood group is Rhesus Negative.
If you are in this category, you should ensure to know the blood group of any man you will be with, even your boyfriend (in case of Pregnancy).

This is because getting pregnant for a man whose blood is Rh-positive could mean problems for you and your baby in future pregnancies. This condition is what is known as Rhesus Incompatibility. Click here to read more about Rhesus Incompatibility.

How does this happen?

Let’s assume that the baby’s group is Rh-positive because you are A-, B-, AB-, or O- your body, and cells will approach the Rh-positive protein as a foreign body. Suppose blood cells from your baby cross your bloodstream. In that case, which can happen during Pregnancy, labour, and delivery, or an abortion or a miscarriage, Your immune system (your body’s military) will make antibodies (soldiers) against your baby’s blood cells; antibodies protect you from foreign bodies, including infections.

blood group A-, B-, O-
Blood group A-, B-, O-

Once you have made these antibodies, you are “sensitized.” Your body might send these antibodies to attack your baby’s cells. When your antibodies attack your baby’s red blood cells, it destroys them.

When your baby’s healthy red blood cells are destroyed, a waste product left from the red blood cell’s destruction, which we call “bilirubin,” will build up in their bloodstream. Just imagine Bilirubin like the Ashes you see after burning wood or paper. This Bilirubin in excess is harmful to the baby, especially the brain.

The baby who is affected by this would usually have the following:

  1. Jaundice, a yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes.
  2. It may be limp: because of the low muscle tone
  3. May not suckle well
  4. Blood levels will be low
  5. The baby could die shortly after birth if the effects are massive.

Who does this concern the most?

It concerns any woman who is Rh-negative (either A-, B-, AB-, or O-) and is having a child with someone who is Rh-positive or unknown. So she may have been pregnant in the past, but seeing these symptoms when she’s having children now.

However, if a mother became sensitized because of a miscarriage or abortion in the past, her first live birth may be affected by this Rhesus incompatibility.
(Hence, it is important to know even your boyfriend’s blood group once you are Rh-negative). Read more about recurrent miscarriages here.

How do we prevent this condition?

This condition can be prevented. If you think you may be pregnant and know you have an Rh-negative blood type (A-, B-, AB-, or O-), or you have been pregnant before with someone whose blood group you’re unsure of. It would be best to discuss the best plan with your doctor.

You’ll be given preventive immunoglobulins, a medication that will help to mop up (clear) those antibodies that could kill your child; this ensures that your unborn babies are not affected by this condition.

To learn more about this condition, read about Rhesus Factor Incompatibility.

Always know your blood group!
Always know your partner’s blood group.

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