Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms before a Missed Period

These Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms can suggest to you that you are possibly pregnant, even before you have a missed period. They do not happen in every woman, because every woman’s body is different, but most women would experience at least one, or more of these early pregnancy signs and symptoms. What are they?

Early Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms before a Missed Period

Swollen and Sore Breast

It’s one of the early pregnancy signs and your breast might become heavier or fuller and feel pain when touched. This is due to an increase in the hormone “PROGESTERONE”.

Darkening Areola

The Areola is the dark area of the breast, that is around the nipple and they even darken the more in the first to the second week of pregnancy.


This is the weakness normally felt in early pregnancy. It is also due to hormonal changes and it occurs in the first month of pregnancy. The Blood pressure and sugar level are also lower at this point.


This simply means having an urge or feeling to vomit. Some people call this the “Morning sickness”. It usually starts anytime between the fourth & sixth week of pregnancy. At this time, even the smell of the things you normally love before, for example, your hair cream, or favorite food, can be causing you to throw up.

Although, this can vary in women, once you start throwing up in pregnancy, just suspect that you should be at least 4 weeks pregnant.

Vaginal Discharge

Although vaginal discharge is commonly seen at other times and in other conditions, during the first Trimester you might notice sticky, white, or pale yellow mucus. This is mainly due to increased hormones and vaginal blood flow.
You can read about other types of vaginal discharge here.

Light Bleeding

This light bleeding is what is known as “Implantation Bleed”. It happens as the baby tries to lay and solidify its foundation in the womb. It is one of the early pregnancy signs and symptoms. This implantation bleeding occurs at around 14days after conception (fertilization), just around the time you normally see your monthly period (menses), so you might even confuse it for your period, and would not know you are pregnant. Some women do this.
But unlike periods, this one would be light, and would not last for long.

Frequent Urination

This is due to increased blood pumped causing the kidneys to process more. It occurs about 2 weeks after conception.

Bloated Abdomen

This is also due to hormonal changes. The digestive system slows down during pregnancy causing bloating, constipation or gas.

Note: as we said, every woman’s body is different, hence, pregnancy symptoms vary from one woman to another, that is why the best bet remains a pregnancy test which can be done using either a urine dipstick or a blood test.

Early Pregnancy Signs
Early Pregnancy Signs

When can I do a Pregnancy Test?

A Pregnancy test is best done after 2 weeks of having unprotected sexual intercourse. By this time, the hormone “HCG” that is the basis of a pregnancy test would be present.

To know the costs of these tests and how to do a pregnancy test, click here.

Feel free to ask any questions you might have below, and I would do well to respond to them when I can.

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