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How to Make Hand Lotion

How to Make Hand Lotion
How to Make Hand Lotion



5tbspoons aloe vera gel

5 tbsp beeswax

ml jojoba oil (feel free to substitute any oil of your choice) 1 tsp Vitamin E oil

15 drops essential oil (any one of ur choice)


In a medium-sized bowl combine aloe vera gel, Vitamin E oil, and essential oils and Set aside for later.

Add beeswax and jojoba oil into another bowl. Place the bowl in a small pot of water and bring water to a gentle boil, stir occasionally until beeswax is completely melted then carefully remove the bowl from the pot. Pour beeswax/oil mixture into a blender and allow to cool.

Once cooled, turn the blender on LOW. Remove the top of the blender and pour aloe vera mixture in a slow but continuous motion.

If the mixture is pooling at the top or sides, stop frequently to push it around with a spatula.

Continue blending until desired consistency is reached.

Preferably use a stick blender.

Transfer lotion to clean containers and refrigerate any portion that will not be used up within a few weeks. Or use preservatives (15 drops of phenoxyethanol).


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