How to Make Stretch Mark Cream

How to Make Stretch Mark Cream

What is Stretch Mark Cream?

Stretch mark cream is a topical skincare product that is designed to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the skin. Stretch marks are long, narrow streaks or lines that can develop on the skin when it is stretched or pulled, typically during periods of rapid weight gain, growth, or pregnancy.

How to Make Stretch Mark Cream
How to Make Stretch Mark Cream
Stretch mark creams typically contain ingredients that are thought to improve the appearance of the skin and promote healing, such as:
  1. Moisturizers: Stretch mark creams often contain moisturizing ingredients such as cocoa butter, shea butter, or jojoba oil to help hydrate the skin and improve its elasticity.
  2. Vitamin E: Vitamin E is an antioxidant that is believed to help protect and repair skin damage, making it a common ingredient in stretch mark creams.
  3. Retinoids: Some stretch mark creams contain retinoids, which are compounds that are derived from vitamin A and are thought to improve the appearance of the skin by increasing collagen production.
  4. Hyaluronic acid: This ingredient is known to promote hydration and elasticity in the skin, making it a popular ingredient in many stretch mark creams.


  • 2tsp of each coconut oil,
  • cocoa butter,
  • shea butter,
  • avocado oil,
  • lavender oil,
  • miracle powder,
  • and 10 drops of vitamin E.


Blend and melt all ingredients in a double boiler. When it starts getting dissolved, whip and remove it from heat. Store in an airtight container and regularly massage the affected area with this cream, and u will see miraculous results fading away those unpleasant stretch marks.

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It is important to note that while stretch mark creams may help to improve the appearance of stretch marks, they may not completely eliminate them. The best way to prevent stretch marks is to maintain a healthy weight, stay hydrated, and keep the skin moisturized.

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