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How to Make Cold-Pressed Carrot oil

How to Make Cold-Pressed Carrot oil
How to Make Cold-Pressed Carrot oil



Fresh carrot

Bottle olive oil

Wash your carrot then scrap the black of it, then rinse it and cut it into pieces

Put them into your blender and blend for like 5mins until it becomes smooth

After blending, pour it into a bowl

Pour your carrot into the bottle and pour in olive oil inside. Note: the olive oil should be less than the carrot. i.e more carrot than olive oil. After putting the carrot oil and olive oil in the bottle, close it very tight to avoid air penetration except for the moisture process.

Now is the process of 14days of nurturing.

This will be your every morning duty, shake the bottle very well every morning so that the carrot and oil olive will mix together.

From 5days the carrot will start changing color to something like deem white.

Keep shaking, sometimes open the cover a little. i.e. allow the gas to evaporate a little.

On exactly 14days, open the bottle and pour it into a separate container.

Get a white handkerchief or white cloth use for pap (ogi).

Start the pouring into the handkerchief or pap cloth and squeeze, you will see the oil coming out very tick and dull but very raw and powerful.

Dispose of the shelf of the carrot oil after squeezing out the oil, keep pouring and pressing until you get all your oil and turn it into your own bowl.

That’s your nurtured cooled pressed carrot oil.

Note; please don’t sell it cheap because is not like those shining ones they normally fry that are common in the market. One if you mix it with your cream and use it, it will lighten your skin and if you apply it on baby skin, it will glow their skin.

Note; don’t blend with water, if your blender can’t blend it smoothly,

just great it and pour olive oil on it.


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