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How to Report a Coronavirus Case

Coronavirus Case

Covid-19 is a type of Respiratory virus that affects humans. It is a member of the Coronavirus family. They are other viruses in this family. Read more on Covid-19 Here.

How to Report a Coronavirus Case
How to Report a Coronavirus Case

Who can get tested for COVID19?

1. Anyone with a history of travel outside of Nigeria, who presents with fever, cough, or difficulty breathing within 14 days of arrival

2. Anyone who comes in contact with a confirmed case who presents with these symptoms within 14 days of contact

3. Those with fever & respiratory symptoms in areas of moderate-high prevalence

Will I pay for testing at the lab?

No. There is no payment for the laboratory diagnosis of COVID19 in Nigeria.

Can I test myself?

NO. Remember, there is no validated rapid diagnostic test kit for COVID19 These rapid test kits can provide false results. DO NOT USE

How do I contact my State?

Most states have established hotlines now. We have put this together in a list and in zones. Please contact your state first. If you are unable to reach the state, please contact NCDC.


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