Acronyms and Meanings

Essentill Cream Mixing Acronyms and Meanings

Acronyms and Meanings
Acronyms and Meanings


Now we will start by knowing some meanings of the short-forms/words: *Tbs or Tbsp:* means tablespoon, which is used for measurement. *Tsp:* means teaspoon also used in measuring.

Shelf life:

This means the period in which your products can survive i.e. expiration date.


This means the sun protection factor, which is used to protect us from harmful ultraviolet rays.


This is added to the cream to prolong its life shelf.

Double boiler:

This is a set of two fitted saucepans or pots that are stacked together with space between them. The bottom saucepan is filled with water, and then the second saucepan is stacked on top. The steam from the bottom pot rises and heats the upper pot. In other words, place a wide pot on fire with water and put a thick glass bowl in it to melt your products. This means you are not heating or melting your products directly from a stove or gas but from the pot

How To Do Doubler Bioler

Put a big pot of water on your gas or a large frying pan with water, then put another bowl inside the pot or frying pan, preferably a stainless bowl or thick glass bowl. That’s a double boiler.

Measurements cups:

They come in different sizes and are used for measuring.


This comes in different forms e.g. hand mixer, standing mixer, or use wooden spoon.

Pro mixing:

This is the combination of organic and inorganic ingredients to achieve desired and faster results, these ingredients are put together to help facilitate a faster result and more effective result in skin care. However these ingredients are free from mercury, hydroquinone, steroids and other harsh ingredients that are harmful to the body, research has it that they cause cancer

Who is a Pro-mixer?

A Pro-mixer is someone who knows different creams/oil and their ingredients and how to combine them to achieve flawless beautiful skin.

Base Cream:

This is used in the preparation of other creams of your choice just as the name implies.

Talking Oil:

This is extreme super glowing oil that glows the skin and makes it talk, just as the name-talking oil.


It helps to calm the skin and keep the skin smooth, it serves as healing for inflammation.

Coconut oil:

This is a hydrator, good for all skin types and hair. It contains antioxidants and moisturizes the skin.

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