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Female Genital Dryness Remedy

Female Genital

Female Genital
Female Genital


Dry jujube leaves (magariya)

Boil the leaves let them cool and have a seat bathe with d water, like 2-3 times, you can do it twice a day or once but don’t throw away d leaves you can use it for like 5times.

These leaves are very effective, maximum of 2-3 days, dryness will go away.

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Dry bagaruwa is also a remedy, boil and let it cool use the water and have a seat bathe for like 2-3 days once or twice a day, don’t throw it away you can use it for like 5times too, it works with immediate effect.

Jujube and bagaruwa

Jujube and bagaruwa, you boil the two together and take a seat to bathe with it. This alone is the best solution for dry Vagina, but using each herb separately also works.

Warm water

Taking a seat to bathe frequently with warm water cures a dry vagina also but note that the herb works better with immediate effect.


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