How to Make Base Cream

How to Make Base Cream

Base Cream

The following articles are about how to make organic home base cream


  • 1 cup of steric acid
  • cup of cetyl alcohol
  • 1 cup of emulsifying wax 60ml of coconut oil 25ml of Preservative
  • ml vitamin E oil 800ml of water 30ml of glycerin 30ml of Glycolic acid
How to Make Base Cream
How to Make Base Cream


In a double boiler, ( place a pot or deep frying pan on the fire with water and put a thick bowl inside it), melt your wax, steric acid, cetyl alcohol, and oil together.

Heat your water in another separate stove, bring the water down and allow it to cool down while waiting for the wax to melt when melted, bring it down and turn it into a large bowl to enable it to mix very well.

Pour your liquid gradually into the oil as you mix with your hand mixer to get a creamy texture. Add your:

  • Glycerin
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Preservative

Mix all thoroughly and your base cream is ready to use

To make this base cream very effective, you can add 5-6 or more bottles of natural secret oil to it and mix very well before you store it, some people add 10 bottles of the oil to it for fast action. Store in an airtight container


Because to the fact that base cream is not very effective in cream mixing because normal base cream does not contain ingredients that could enrich or give lightening or whitening effects on the skin, creams like Vaseline lotions can be used in replacement for base cream when mixing creams for different skin types

The following can be used as a base if you are making pure organic cream

  • Vaseline lotion
  • Nivea

If you are making whitening creams, the following can be used as cream-based too

  • Over white lotion
  • Gluta wink white
  • Make me white lotion

You/clients are also meant to scrub at least 3 times weekly to make their creams more effective. Some do not know about this. But tell them.

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