How to Stand Out As a Skincare Therapist

How to Stand Out As a Skincare Therapist


It’s simple to become a skincare therapist, first, care niche for your brand by not adopting the traditional method of handling a skincare firm, these include but are not limited to


The way you package your products goes a long way to telling how luxurious and beautiful your products will be even when they are yet to try it out in the mind of a prospective buyer. Look out for fancy jars slick enough to attract your intending clients to want to buy, they may be expensive but hey, they go a long way in pushing sales, no one wants their cosmetics containers boring while they last, the same reason you find out most Clint’s find it difficult to dispose of their cream jars even while it’s finished, they rather use it to decorate their dress table, a whole lot of are guilty of this? Abi na lie? ??

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How to Stand Out As a Skincare Therapist
How to Stand Out As a Skincare Therapist


Let your price be competitive and relatively affordable. You would not want a situation where your clients would not be able to afford subsequent jars/kits because they have to work their asses out saving up to afford them back to back. Rather than sell expensive, I advise you to package them in smaller quantities eg, 100ml of Egyptian milk can go for 5000, instead of 300ml for 15,000, that way, they can easily buy back to back


Get familiar with your existing clients, esp for starters, and endeavour to have an after-service mind-to-mind talk with your clients. ask them how they have been fairing, and don’t appear too professional. Be formal, if they had it in mind to try out other brands after trying yours, heart-to-heart talk could make them rethink.

This is my little piece and it’s been working out for me, hope you found it helpful, much more is taught on the advanced level.

May God grant you success as you take a GIANT STRIDE. Peace

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