How to Make Egyptian Magic Oil

How to Make Egyptian Magic Oil

What is Egyptian Magic Oil?

Egyptian Magic Oil is a type of skin care product that is marketed as a multi-purpose oil for use on the face, body, and hair. It is inspired by the ancient beauty rituals of Egyptian queen Cleopatra, who was known for her love of luxurious oils and cosmetics.

The exact formulation of Egyptian Magic Oil may vary depending on the brand or manufacturer, but it typically contains a blend of natural plant oils.

Egyptian Magic Oil is marketed as a versatile product that can be used for a wide range of skincare concerns, including dryness, irritation, and uneven texture. It can be used as a facial moisturizer, body oil, hair conditioner, or even as a makeup remover or lip balm.

While Egyptian Magic Oil is generally considered safe and gentle for most skin types, it’s always a good idea to patch-test a small area of skin before using any new skincare product. Some people may be sensitive to certain ingredients in the oil, and overuse or misuse of the product can lead to clogged pores or other skin concerns.

How to Make Egyptian Magic Oil
How to Make Egyptian Magic Oil


40ml Egyptian talking oil

ml Papaya oil

40ml Arbutin serum

ml Schenic oil


Mix all ingredients

Some versions of the oil may also contain additional ingredients like honey, propolis, or royal jelly, which are known for their nourishing and hydrating properties.

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