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How to Make Peppermint Pink Lip Balm

Peppermint Pink Lip Balm

How to Make Peppermint Pink Lip Balm
How to Make Peppermint Pink Lip Balm



  • 42grams of almond oil
  • 9grams beetroot
  • 6grams Shea butter
  • 30gram coconut oil
  • 6grams bee wax
  • 1gram vitamin E oil
  • 1gram flavoring.
  • U can add drops of lactic acid, vitamin C

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  • Melt butter oil& beeswax allow 2 cool mixes in beetroot powder
  • Stir, until there are no clumps add flavored oil
  • Include 1 tbsp of licorice and 1tbsp of arbutin powder or serum
  • Enjoy your sexy pink lip
  • Remember 2 scrub ur lips often with lip scrub or ur toothbrush


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