How to make Milk Acid Exfoliating Soap

How to make Milk Acid Exfoliating Soap

Milk Acid Exfoliating Soap

Milk acid exfoliating soap is a type of soap that contains milk acid (also known as lactic acid) as its key ingredient. Milk acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that is commonly used in skincare products for its exfoliating properties. It works by breaking down the bonds that hold dead skin cells together, allowing them to be easily removed from the surface of the skin.

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This type of soap is designed to help slough off dead skin cells, unclog pores, and improve the texture and tone of the skin. It can be used on the face or body and is especially useful for those with dry, rough, or dull skin. The milk acid in the soap is typically derived from sources such as milk, yoghurt, or other dairy products, and is often combined with other moisturizing or nourishing ingredients to help soothe and hydrate the skin.

How to make Milk Acid Exfoliating Soap
How to make Milk Acid Exfoliating Soap

We will be discussing how to make milk acid exfoliating Soap in this post


-2 bar soap ( 140g)

-80ml Warmed Rosewater ( you can use hot water)

-1tsp turmeric powder ( you can use any natural lightening powder) -1tsp lactic acid

-30ml more white serum


-In a bowl grate your soap into pieces by using a grater or cut it into pieces.

  • In a separate bowl warm your rose water or water and add it to the grated soap. leave it for 1 hour to dissolve.
  • After 1 hour, use your stick blender to make sure it is all blended and smooth.
  • Add your lactic acid and mix, add your lightening serum or oil, and mix then add the turmeric and mix thoroughly with a hand mixer. You can add any essential oil to it and also you can add preservatives, it’s optional for those who don’t have a fridge.

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Get a container and pour your soap. Use twice a week and get a brighter complexion.

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