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How to Make Turmeric Oil

How to Make Turmeric Oil
How to Make Turmeric Oil



  • Turmeric roots
  • Coconut oil or Sweet almond oil
  • Coarse stone


Clean a coarse stone, also the turmeric stick. Now add a few drops of water to the stone and rub the stick over the stone.

This forms the turmeric paste. Collect a spoon full of thick turmeric paste.

Or use a blender to blend the roots to form a paste.

Heat a pan on low flame and pour coconut oil into the pan. Add the collected turmeric paste to the oil and stir well so that the turmeric extracts do not settle at the bottom. you can choose any carrier oil, usually, turmeric and coconut oil is a wonderful combination.

Allow the oil to heat at a low flame till you fine bubbles. Switch off the flame, immerse one or two turmeric sticks into hot oil and close the lid.

Let the oil attain room temperature. The turmeric sticks are dropped into the oil so that the sticks spread all the turmeric content making the oil-rich turmeric beneficial.

Note that the sticks dropped into the oil should be free from moisture else the entire prepared oil gets a fungal attack.

Pour the oil into an air-tight bottle and preserve it from moisture and air.

The stick can also be immersed into the bottle or can be discarded.


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