Unsafe Sex

Unsafe Sex: How to flush out sperm, prevent pregnancy.

A lot of ladies have been asking, how they could flush out sperm/semen that has entered the Vagina after having unprotected sex, or that the Condom broke.

Before we begin that discussion, without judging you or your reasons, it is very important to know today, that, “Unprotected Sex” for any reason, at all should be avoided.

According to some people, Pregnancy is the least of your worries.
There is the Human Papilloma Virus: This is a virus that causes different types of problems like Genital Warts or Cervical Cancer (depending on the type), and this is a major cause of concern today, especially for the ladies.
There is Herpes: caused by the Herpes simplex virus.
There is HIV: Which till today, is still known to have no cure.

Unsafe Sex
Unsafe Sex

At all times, please, avoid raw sex. Use condoms. Barrier protection. Prevention is always better & cheaper than cure.

Now back to the topic of how ladies flush out sperm/semen.

We understand that not all sex is planned. Sometimes, unplanned sex does occur which ends up with the guy releasing his semen into the lady’s vagina. The majority of unplanned sex is usually without condoms, and even those with condoms sometimes have problems, like the condoms breaking, or slipping out, leading to semen leaking into the vagina.
Some persons, especially couples, on the other hand, prefer direct skin-to-skin sex, during which the guy withdraws before ejaculating, but sometimes, they fail to do this, and then they face the chance of having another baby which they do not plan for.

This is more a problem of the ladies than the guys, as the fear of pregnancy is real, hence, most ladies, in their way to prevent pregnancy, try different local methods of flushing out sperm from their bodies immediately after sex, which they believe is effective.

What Local Method Have You Heard that is Used to Flush Out Sperm & Preventing Pregnancy?

Some local contraception methods have been shared by some of our ladies that they have tried or seen being used. Some even say that it helps flush out STDs.

Some of these methods include;

  1. Some ladies use Andrew Liver Salt as a form of emergency contraceptive.
  2. Some use a drug called Quinine as an emergency contraceptive’. Note that Quinine is an antimalarial, used for the treatment of those with Malaria.
  3. Other ladies take herbal concoctions or put them into their vaginas to kill any sperm there. This is very terrible.
  4. Using Water (salted, warm or plain) to douche after sex. Some also do this to flush out STDs. We don’t know how this works for them.
  5. Some ladies go to Urinate Immediately after intercourse, in the hope of peeing out the semen.

Other kinds of stuff used by ladies include Lime, Alabukun, Alum, Alcohol (beers), Salt, Antibiotics (e.g: Ampiclox), Soda (7up), Apple Cider, Vinegar, Alomo bitters, and Exercise.

Regardless of the method chosen, there is no evidence to support or suggest that any of these methods are effective in preventing pregnancy. Anyone who might have told you that the method helped her in preventing pregnancy is simply just by coincidence.
On the other hand, these methods can introduce unwanted infections into your body system that can cause you more harm.
In simple terms, “You Should Not Do This, It is not effective, it does not work.

Questions Ladies ask include:

  1. Can 7up and salt flush out sperm? There is no medical proof that 7up or salt will flush out sperm but several ladies doing this would swear that it works.
  2. Can Andrew’s liver salt flush out sperm? Just similar to the one above, there is no medical evidence that supports this.

The best method to stop pregnancy or flush sperm remains to use Postinor-2. It is sold in almost every Pharmacy and is not expensive.

How do I Prevent Pregnancy?
As a lady, You can prevent pregnancy in 3 ways.

  1. Prevent entrance of sperm: This involves using a barrier (A Condom), during sex to prevent sperm from being deposited in the vagina. There is a Male condom & a Female condom. If your guy doesn’t like to use condoms, Please, Use your Female condom. Remember, Prevention is better than cure, and as we mentioned earlier, there are more things to be afraid of than just pregnancy. Things like HPV, HIV, Herpes, etc. We would talk about HPV on another day.
  2. Prevent fertilization/implantation: in this case, unprotected sex has already happened, or the condom did break or slipped off, and you are afraid that some semen/sperm might have entered your vagina. In this case, we would advise you to get POSTINOR-2. It is an OTC drug sold in most Pharmacies in Nigeria.
    This drug works on the basis that sperm can stay alive in a woman’s body for up to 5 days after sex.
    Postinor-2 is best taken within 72 hours after sex, (the earlier the better), and has a 95% success rate of preventing pregnancy.
    You should talk to your doctor about how to take this.

This is the best available method of preventing pregnancy after having any unprotected sex, or if there was a rape incident or a family that doesn’t want more children.

  1. Preventing the Development of Pregnancy (Abortion): At the moment, Abortion is Illegal in Nigeria. However, a lot of persons do engage in unsafe abortions at the hands of quacks which is very wrong and could lead to massive bleeding which could lead to death. For any questions, worries, or concerns about abortions, please talk to us using any of our contact forms, so we can know the best way to save the situation.

Once again, I won’t judge you for your reasons for engaging in Unsafe sex or your methods of contraception, but we’d advise that you always use a condom whenever you want to engage in sexual activities.

Do not be discouraged by the attitudes of chemists or pharmacists especially religious ones, when you go to purchase a condom. Be bold and demand what you want, because it is for your protection, and that is what is important.

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