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ZEB 455: Waste and Waste management Past Questions

Waste and Waste management

University of Nigeria, Nsukka
Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology
2016/2017 FIRST SEMESTER Examinations

ZEB 455: Waste and Waste management

Wednesday, 15 March 2017       Time:3hrs
Instruction: Answer any four questions at least one from each section.
1. (a) With respect to environmental degradation, give a sound definition of solid wastes.
    (b) Classify solid wastes based on their composition and their sources.
2.  Give a detailed account of wastewater and its effects on aquatic communities.
3.  Describe in detail any four methods of waste characterization.
4.  Describe in detail the procedures of waste sample data collection.
5.  Describe different types of wastes that commonly cause environmental degradation and their consequences on humans.
6. (a) What is Basel Convention?
    (b) Discuss this convention with regards to (i). Date of adoption and enforcement. (ii) Objectives of the convention. (iii) Conditions for transboundary movement of wastes.
    (c) what provision(s) of the convention led to the Waigani Convention?
7. (a) What are hazardous wastes?
    (b) Describe five methods of managing hazardous wastes.
8.  Discuss extensively the benefits of recycling aluminum beverage cans, plastic bottles, and polythene bags. Stating their disadvantages


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