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ZEB272: Environmental Monitoring Past Questions

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring Past Questions

University of Nigeria 
Department of Zoology and Environmental Biology 
2015/2016 Second Semester Examinations 
ZEB272: Environmental Monitoring.  
Thursday, July 28, 2016   Time: 3hrs 
Instruction: Answer five questions, at least one from each section
Section A
1. Describe different types of waste generated in homes, hospitals, schools, and farms explaining how they can be reused, reduced, and recycled 
2. Discuss the environmental hazard that could be commonly encountered in industries, laboratories, zoological gardening, and during fieldwork. 
3.  Write a succinct essay on air pollution highlighting the sources effect and its control
4. Write a short note on any two of this pollutant a. Particulate matter b. Nitrogen compounds c. Noice d.  Sewage 
Section C
5. What are the routes for entering toxicants into the body
b). List five major groups mostly at risk from unhygienic disposal of wastes. 
c). Outline and explain threw infections and two accidents that can result from solid wet handling 
6.  Defined the following terms
       i)  Climate change ii) Environmental Health
       b) Discus briefly the effect of the following environmental consequences of climate change on human health
        i)  Extreme heat waves 
        i)  Rising sea level
      iii)  changing in precipitation 
      iv)  Intence hurricane 
       v)  Degraded air quality 
Section D
7.  State and explain five environmental health policies in Nigeria. 
8. Write a short note in the following 
       a)  Polluter pay principle
       b)  Compliant assessment
       c)  Civil liberty 
       d)  Operation Rescue 


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