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How to Make Hair Shampoo With African Black Soap

How to Make Hair Shampoo With African Black Soap
How to Make Hair Shampoo With African Black Soap


Ingredient and Direction

100g of black soap

Warm water

2tbsp of jojoba oil

1tbsp of vegetable glycerin

1tbsp of honey

2tsp of avocado oil

10 drops of vitamin E oil

Essential oil of your choice ( lavender, peppermint, rosemary essential oil)

1tbsp of aloe vera juice

Honey makes this mixture even more moisturizing as it is great for drawing moisture into the hair.

The Aloe Vera Juice in this mixture helps to lower the pH of the soap and leave the hair smoother.

Avocado oil contains ceramides that help to alleviate dry hair.

The peppermint oil not only makes this mixture smell divine it also leaves the scalp feeling tingly clean.

Glycerin not only draws moisture into the hair it also leaves it incredibly soft.

Vitamin E Oil smooths and conditions the hair. Jojoba oil is a very light oil that is closest to the hair sebum it also leaves hair supple and smooth. Rosemary essential oil helps to alleviate dry hair conditions.

Get a bowl and cut the black soap into tiny pieces, get your warm water and pour it into the bowl make sure the water gets to the same level as the black soap pieces….it depends on how light or thick you want your mixture.

Pour in your oils and mix together, cover the bowl and check every 30min to mix again till the black soap dissolve completely.

Mix well before you pour it into your shampoo container.


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