MC 111: Element Of Journalistic Style Past Questions



2009/2010 SESSION             


1a. Point out two functions each of any ten punctuation arks and make one original sentence to illustrate each function i.e. a total of twenty sentences

1b. Copy out the following words, correcting their spellings where necessary: i. sustainable ii. Strength iii. Embrass iv. Manure v. continuous vi. Shepherd vii. Coup de tat viii. colloquium ix. Covenant x. receipt.

2a. Supply Synnym for each of the following words: i. fascinating ii. Insane iii. Diffident v. impasse v. panacea vi. Plethora vii. Challenging viii. Indigent ix. Dilapidated x. repercussion.

3. Supply one antonym for each of the following words: i. depreciate ii. Potent iii. Conceal iv rotund v. frank vi. Plebeian vii. Gorgeous viii. Detest ix. Jittery x. legible

4. Copy out each of the following sentences inserting only the correct one of the underlined words:

  • Mr. Eziokwu spots/sports a face cap every day.
  • The labour leader was arrested for championing the workers’ cause/course
  • It’s not proper for a student to seat/sit while answering questions in class.
  • I shall rip/reap out some material from this flowered sheet for a bandana
  • Would you help me lose/loose this knot?
  • The rainstorm seized/ceased after three days.
  • The soldiers were subjected to a six-hour matching/marching drill.
  • The tornado wrecked/wreaked substantial damage on the state.
  • All the works cited/sited in her term paper were over a decade old
  • I need to see the British consul/counsel for a visa
  • Advice/Advise the Personnel Manager to wave/waive the written test for the latest applicant.
  • The principle/principal moral/morale I learned from the story is that kind deeds are sooner or later/latter rewarded.

5. Make one sentence with each word in these word pairs to distinguish their meanings: i. complement/compliment ii. Soot/suit iii. Exalt/exult iv. Differ/defer

6.  Answer true or false to the following statements and supply the meaning of the underlined words in each case.

  • Astronaut is a synonym for astronomer
  • Vincent Enyeama and Kanu Nwankwo are compatriots
  • Grievance is the noun form of the verb, grieve
  • A bend and a bent are curves.
  • zebra crossing is not meant for zebras
  • Latin Americans are so-called because they speak Latin
  • Authors and composers often live on royalties
  • Senility makes the aged harder to care for
  • An indigent student of UNN is a student from Enugu State.
  • If you’re fed up, it doesn’t mean you’ve had enough to eat.
  • Hair-splitting is a description of behavior and not of hairdressing
  • Simulated love is a charade that cannot be sustained       

7. Fill in the blank spaces in this conversion table

Noun                           Verb                        Adjective

Prophecy                     Prophesy                  prophetic

Power                          ………                         ……….

………                          Mystify                       ………

………                           ……….                        Poor

Glamour                       ………                        ……….

………..                        Honour                      ……….

Gossip                          ………                        ………

………                          Stupefy                      ………..

Prescription                  ………..                      ………..

………….                      Prosper                       ……….

………….                       ………..                       Excellent

8. Supply, with illustrations, three ways (learned through any style guide) of avoiding bias on the following subjects in your work: i. gender ii. Ethnicity and race.

9. Provide, with examples, three occasions when capitalization is called for according to The Record Style.

10. Discuss the features of the journalistic style

11. Define the following terms: i. Idioms ii. Proverbs

12. Explain the meaning of ten of these idiomatic expressions: go round the bed ii. all hell broke loose iii. Get even with someone iv. Put a dampener on something v. Make someone’s hair stand on end vi. Give up on someone vii. Act your age viii. Keep someone guessing ix. Waste your breath x. come hell or high water xi. Strut your stuff xii. To be on the same page with someone xiii. Not know someone from Adam xiv. Pay through the nose for something xv. Trying to run before you can walk. 

13. Explain the meaning of ten of these wise sayings:

  • A leopard cannot change its spots.
  • Curiosity killed the cat
  • Fools rush in where angels fear to tread
  • Every dog has its day
  • Lightning does not strike in the same place twice
  • You can’t keep a good man down.
  • Every cloud has a silver lining
  • Why keep a dog and bark yourself?
  • Everyone has a price
  • The apple never falls far from the tree
  • A watched pot never boils
  • Don’t judge a book by its cover
  • Rome was not built in a day
  • The grass is always greener on the other side.

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